Common questions

1.Q: What is the work or function of different lenses?

HR: Whole body hair removal lens

AC: Acne removal lens

SR: Skin rejuvenation lens

2. Q: How many days is the delivery?

A: For Saudi Arabia 3-5 working days

3.Q: Do you have a specialist or an expert and the experts?

A: The percentage of a home appliance that does not require an expert or a specialist

If you find difficulties ask me, I will answer you!

4.Q: What is the method of use?

A: How to use:

First: Shave the hair with mousse before turning on the device, before the day or two hours before

Second: wear safety glasses

Third: Connect the electric and press the power button in seconds

Fourth: Determine the first level

Fifth: Put the lens on the skin at an angle of 90 degrees

Sixth: Press the flash button

Seven: flashes on the spot

One place and one flash don't stay empty between the two places

7. Q:How to cancel an order?

A:After the order has been made, if you want to cancel it

You must at the first time contact us on this WhatsApp:008617722688550

Tell us your ORDER number 

To facilitate us cancel it before dispatch!

God bless you and us!